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Real Estate Mogul and New York #1 Best Selling author, Lynnetta Ruble made history after she completed the massive community development project in her hometown, Dewey, Oklahoma. The vision to revitalize the distressed community brought thousands of new residents from all over to purchase the affordable custom designed homes. The move sparked rapid growth in the population that amazed local residents. New businesses and corporations have relocated to the area and brought over 10,000 jobs.

Lynnetta is well known around the world because of her willingness to help others. The seasoned Real Estate developer made a courageous move by personally investing millions of dollars to the massive project.

Her Empire, Wealthy4Eternity, LLC built over 300 Single family homes, 2 Retirement Towers and 22 Villas. The newly constructed community SOLD OUT! over 80% of the new homes before the first home was built. The local officials celebrated her generous contribution of over 10 million dollars to finance the project by naming a street after her family (Rubles CT).

Rubles Ct street sign







Last year, Lynnetta and Michael Ruble, built there first 3000 sq. ft. home on 5 acres on June 24, 2020, in celebration of their 37th anniversary. This was the first new home built in the area of this caliber in over 80 years and this bold move sparked hope within the community.Dewey Ok house

Lynnetta was interviewed by the local newspaper that featured her life on the 6 o’clock news. She was asked, “what inspired her to tackle this major project?’ Lynnetta stated, “I’ve always been a giver and love to help others. I believe I have a heart like to serve others like Mother Teresa and strive to live my life based on her quote.”

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Lynnetta: I’ve traveled the world and observed many hurting people. I believe I make a difference in people’s lives. I’ve flown to Dubai, Israel, China, Europe, Mexico, Canada and all across the United States. Every person I come in contact with I make a point to leave something of value, it may be a smile, a trinket or a prayer, In this season I am leaving a LEGACY.

Global Traveler

The interviewer: I heard you worked with Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey who helped produce your first Blockbuster movie that grossed 90 million dollars in sells last year. How does that make you feel? I was thrilled to have my first New York #1 Best Selling book produced into a movie.  The second movie was shot in Colorado and debut on my birthday August 30, 2021.

Interviewer: How many books have you written?

Lynnetta: “In the last 3 years I have written over 12 books in 30 languages and they are sold in major bookstores, like Barnes and Noble. I was thrilled at my last book signing the crowd was lined up all around the building where they stood for hours to get a copy of my newest books, Press Pass Performance into Purpose and Coffee with the KIng.

I sold over 2 million copies!

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