Week 22 Master Key Experience

Thoughts are spiritual seeds, what you plant will eventually grow. Scroll VI says, I will remember today’s dead flower carries the seed of tomorrow’s bloom. Just like there is an Oak tree in every acorn. All seeds may appear insignificant and dormant but, every seed has the potential to reproduce after it’s kind.sprouts-1403167_960_720

It brings to mind the parable of the Sower…If I feel depressed I will sing (sow singing). If I feel sadness (sow laughter). If I feel fear (sow courage). If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice confidently and be heard! What I sow, I reap.

Think about the type of seed your planting. Are the seeds falling on stony ground, where the seed have no time to take root, are they falling on thorny ground where you allow the cares of this world to come in a choke out the good seeds that were planted. Is it good seeds planted in emotionally rich soil of our lives where it has room to grow and mature. God ordained for us to bear good fruit and that our fruit bring nourishment and feed many. the fruit that is produced from the seeds sown in your life are not just for your enjoyment and benefit, but for others to enjoy.

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