Week 21 Master Key Experience

Stepping out of my comfort zone and use guilt, fear, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness as tools sounded foreign to me at first. Aha! Now, it’s making sense instead of fear, anger, guilt using me, Why not use them? I asked myself. I am learning to look at these differently.

For instance, last week, my professor ask for volunteers to present a project. Why did my hand fly up like a rocket going into outer space.




I tried to bring my hand back to earth, but it was too late, before I realized it the assignment was thrust into my hand and I was committed. Why meeeeee! I had agreed to speak in front of the class, AGAIN!  Although I was afraid and nervous I used it as a tool and accomplished my goal of speaking in public. I quickly remembered a decree I’ve made for the past 5 months,

I always keep my promises! 

I would have never thought to use these as tools. Also, I recalled being angry about a situation and making positive changes. The old saying when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired you begin making positive life changes.

13. If you do not like the picture, destroy the negatives and create a new pictures after this is done you will attract new things and the new things will correspond with the new picture.

7 levels of thinking…

Copying-doing the right thing, Effective-doing the right thing right, Efficient-doing the right thing faster, Improving-doing the right things better, Cutting-out the nonsense, Differently-I learn to look at fear, anger, etc differently I decide what is important, I don’t measure myself by what the majority thinks. When I can see the invisible I can do the Impossible.


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